Modern vehicle electrics are now too sensitive to tolerate an undesigned increase in current flow in a cable without the vehicle CPU throwing up a warning of one kind or another.  Bad news for the vehicle converter who might need to power an additional facility from an existing vehicle circuit.  The solution offered by the chassis supplier is the expensive parameterisable control unit.  Apart from its cost, the unit requires programming after wiring up is completed, usually at the dealer's workshop.  This can be an expensive solution if, for example, the need is only for an additional set of rear lights.


Stayco milliamp triggered relay switches are a low cost option for this problem.  They draw off from the relevent sensed cable only a few milliamps of current which is insufficient to register as a change of current at the CPU.  This current is then amplified electronically in the unit sufficiently to throw a relay switch, also in the unit, which can switch up to 10 amps drawn directly from a fused supply from the battery.


Pt No TR112 switches a single circuit.

Pt No TR312 switches up to three circuits.

Both come with multi plugs fitted with 500mm colour coded wires and butt connectors.