Stayco door lock interruptors are used in taxis to prevent the passengers from opening the rear doors from the inside of the vehicle when the vehicle is moving.  They usually operate directly on the internal door handle or can be set up to operate on the internal door handle cable.  The advantage of using interruptor units compared to activating the door locks themselves, is the prevention of the door lock mechanisms from thousands of additional operations.  The interruptor unit basically has only two moving parts and can tolerate many more operations than the average door lock.


Stayco interruptors can be supplied with control units that activate them from speed pulse signals, foot brake and manual switching.  Timed releasing delays can also be built in.  Stayco interruptors have been designed to minimise their noise and are almost undetectable when operating.  They are fitted with a micro switch connected to a LED warning light.

Door Interruptors