Step Operation

If ground clearance under the vehicle step is an issue, the Stayco LD600 electric step is the answer. Although more expensive than a cassette, it has the advantage that it stows to virtually the same level as the sill lip of the vehicle. It is ideal for the RWD Ford Transit van range and the likes of the pre 2010 Renault Master. This step is also successfully operating on many ambulance and other box body conversions.




Tread size deployed: 610mm x 250mm


Case Material: BZP steel
Link Arms: Extruded anodised aluminium
Side Arms: Extruded anodised aluminium
Tread: Extruded anodised aluminium
Bearings: Nylon 66
Motor: Stayco 16A 12v (24v also available)
Supplied with wire loom, control box, warning light and dash switch.


The Company has a policy of continual improvement and reserves the right to change the product specifications without notice.